I. General Information (for tourist and other trips for a month)

If you are planning to study in Kazakhstan of visit KIMEP University for a short period you must apply for relevant visa at an overseas Kazakhstan embassy or consulate. The application procedure may vary according to the embassy or consulate, so it is advised to check with your local Kazakhstan embassy or consulate beforehand. The length of a certain visa is determined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the expiration date on your visa may not match the end date of your degree program. Students are recommended to contact and communicate with KIMEP Visa Coordinator on visa and migration issues.

Before applying for visa, KIMEP students must be admitted and get invitation letter from KIMEP. Other visitors should be affiliated with KIMEP University.

The following nationalities can obtain a visa at the KZ consulate or embassy without a visa support/invitation number: one entry categories «А1», «А2», «В1», «В2», «D1» , «G1», as well as one entry and two-entry «F1»

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany,  Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Israel, Jordan, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Malta, Monaco,  Netherlands,  New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Poland,  Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Singapore, Slovenia, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, United Kingdom, USA, United Arab Emirates.

II. Information about invitation letter/visa support (ALL VISA TYPES)

Another visa types and a long term visas are given referring to the number for visa support certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the KZ Embassies. After your affiliation with KIMEP is settled, for visa support (all visa types) you need to make a request to the KIMEP Visa Coordinator at visa@kimep.kz or the International Relations Office at international@kimep.kz and send a Visa Application Form along with scanned copy of your passport and ticket. You need to send a scanned Letter of Support signed and sealed from your home university/organization in case for a short stay (summer school, training, etc):

Full name (exactly as in your passport)
Date of birth
Passport number, date of issue and expiry date
Residence address
Visa category
Aim of visit
Arrival date


-Passport should be valid  at least more then 6 months after expiring date of visa

Request for an invitation letter should be submitted in writing form  by e-mail not less than 2 months prior to the intended day to the RK.

-KIMEP Visa Officer sends the invitation letter with the reference number by e-mail to the applied person, Consular department of MFA sends the reference number to KZ Embassy in the city where the visa is going to be obtained. Please familiarize yourself with the additional information from the website of KZ Embassy/Consular in the country where you will apply for a visa.

- The valid invitation with reference number does not constitute a guarantee that a visa will be issued as the matter is under the Kazakhstan Consulate discretion.

- It is impossible to get a visa in the airport in Kazakhstan

- VISA FOR WORK is given referring to work permit .Work permit should be done by employer/inviting organization.

- Traveling without a visa: If a foreign citizen overstays period of his/her visa he/she will be fined about KZT45000, and needs to apply and pay for issuing an exit visa.

Basic required documents for international students to apply for a visa to Kazakhstan:


Visa Application Form

KIMEP Invitation letter with reference number (if any)

Abstract from Order of Admission to KIMEP

Medical insurance

Visa fee

The Kazakhstan Embassy or Consulate abroad may ask you to submit additional documents


Registration: You need to have 2 stamps in the migration card which you are given while

passing the customs at the border. If you have only 1 stamp – you need passport registration in local migration office (OVIR). Passport registration must be completed within 5 (five) days after the arrival date. The violation of the visa regime in Kazakhstan will result in the fine of

KZT 51800. The registration takes 1-2 working days. Please bring the documents to the Visa Office hours on Mn, Tu, Wed, Fr from  9 am till 6 pm.:

• Passport (original) with migration card

• Two passport size photographs

• HIV test (for a stay more than 1 month). A certificate may be acquired from the City Center for AIDS Prevention. Address: Almaty, 215 Zharokova str corner Utepova (Bus line 17). Test costs 2550 tenge

• X-Ray of your chest test (for a stay more than 1 month). Costs ~1000 tenge

Visa “For STUDY” initially is given for 1 month, but is extended at KIMEP after the passport registration is complete.  In case of changing the residential address, please inform the visa office within 5 calendar days.

Visa extension:

If your visa expires before your intended date of departure, you will need to apply for a visa extension. Please visit Visa Coordinator to submit necessary documents for visa extension.

No extension for tourist visa is possible.

Travelling around and outside of Kazakhstan:

International Students are allowed to travel outside Kazakhstan during breaks, Summer and Winter vacations. You can easily go in and outside Kazakhstan if you have the multiple entry Kazakhstan visa. Please do not forget to bring your passport no later than 7 days before a trip to check your visa and local registration. If you want to travel to other cities in Kazakhstan, you should inform Visa Coordinator about  your trip and dates.

Other visitors may travel according to the type of obtained visa.

Mrs. Yulia Alimkulova

Visa Coordinator

KIMEP University

Tel: (+7 727) 270 42 29 (ext 20 48)

Mobile: +7 701 360 02 16

Email: visa@kimep.kz



•    full name (as in passport)全名(如护照所显示)
•    sex性别
•    date and place of birth出生日期与地点
•    citizenship国籍
•    passport number护照号码
•    passport issue date护照签发日期
•    passport expiry date (passport should be valid for at least for 6 months after the desired expiry date of your visa.)护照有效期(护照有效期应最少长于预期签证到期日六个月)
•    occupation and work address职业和工作地址
•    home address家庭住址
•    Kazakh embassy or consulate where the visa will be issued (country / city)将签发签证的哈萨克斯坦大使馆或领事馆(国家/城市)
•    period of stay in Kazakhstan在哈萨克斯坦停留时间
•    visa type (single / double / multiple entry)签证种类(一次/两次/多次往返)
•    purpose of visit访问目的
•    means of arrival / departure (model and registration number of car / airline and flight number)到达/离开方式(汽车/飞机的类型和编号, 航班号)
•    planned itinerary and list of cities to be visited while in Kazakhstan行程安排和将在哈萨克斯坦访问的城市名单

邀请函的申请应在预定到达日期10至15个工作日前通过传真或电子邮件的书面形式提交。邀请函首先要通过移民居警署认证(三个工作日),然后转交外交部(MFA)的获取参考号。 参考号通常在外交部领事司受理后的2-3个工作日内发出。随后邀请单位向申请人通过传真或电子邮件发送邀请函,及参考号码,外交部将在7个工作日内将参考号码发送至将签发签证的哈萨克大使馆或领事馆通常不可能在到达机场后领取签证(只在非常特殊的情况下,例如政府代表团)。拥有一个有效的参考编号的邀请函,并不能确保您能获得签证。哈萨克斯坦领事管有权拒签并不提供解释。



通过移民局(OVIR)办理落地签及延签:如非独联体国家公民在哈萨克斯坦停留的时间将超过72小时,则应在到达后的三个工作日内到移民局(OVIR)办理落地签, 否则将被处罚150美元。邀请单位将到OVIR为其邀请人办理落地签。






签证延期: 如果你想延长你的签证应该在签证到期日两个星期之前提交你的护照及所有相关文件(包括一个新的爱滋病检测单

• 护照
• 艾滋病检测单
• 两张护照照片尺寸照片

艾滋病检测单可以在市艾滋病防疫检测中心办理, 中心位于Zharokov 215 号, 如果你已经从你所在国办理过艾滋病检测单你应将它翻译成俄语并进行公证证书有效期为3


Yulia Alimkulova, Visa Coordinator 签证协调官
Tel: +7 (727) 270 42 29
e-mail: visa@kimep.kz