Undergraduate Programs

BSc in Business Administration工商管理学与会计学理学士
Designed for the future business leaders of Kazakhstan, the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accounting at KIMEP prepares students to meet the fast-evolving needs of Kazakhstan’s local and multinational businesses.工商管理会计学理学士是为哈萨克斯坦未来商界领袖而设计的,为学生准备相关技能以便其能满足哈萨克斯坦当地和国际商务的迅速发展需求
BA in Economics经济学文学士
KIMEP’s Bachelor of Science in Economics will prepare you to meet the needs of Kazakhstan’s local and multinational businesses. The curriculum is designed to provide fundamental preparation for careers not only in economics, but also in law, finance, business and public policy.KIMEP经济学学士为您准备哈萨克斯坦本地跨国企业的所需知识课程旨在提供不仅经济还包括在法律,金融,商业和公共政策领域内的基本职业知识
BSS in Public Administration公共管理学社会科学学士
KIMEP’s Bachelor of Social Sciences degree in Public Administration provides an academic and practical background for students pursuing a career in governmental, non-governmental, and business organizations. A degree in Public Administration gives graduates a competitive edge and allows them to move easily into any of these areas, according to their own career interests.KIMEP公共行政社会科学学位向致力于追求政府、非政府组织和商业组织学生提供学术和实践背景公共行政管理的学位给予毕业生富有竞争力的机会,并根据自己所感兴趣的行业轻松地转移到相关领域。
BA in International Journalism国际新闻学文学士
The Bachelor of Arts in International Journalism provides an entry point into the media industry. It is supported by a well-equipped media laboratory that allows students to acquire invaluable hands-on experience of journalism and the media. KIMEP’s BAIJ equips graduates with the skills to enable them to work with the international media anywhere in the world.国际新闻学士学位进入媒体行业提供一个切入点一个设备齐全媒体实验室,使学生掌握在手上新闻和媒体经验宝贵支持 KIMEPBAIJ装备技能毕业生使他们能够在世界各地国际媒体
BSS in Political Science and International Relations国际关系学社会科学学士
The BSS program in Political Science and International Relations is a four-year undergraduate program that provides training in the study of the international system and global politics in the context of a broad liberal arts program modeled on American standards.政治学和国际关系本科项目是一个为期四年的本科课程依照美国标准提供宽松自由的学习国际体系和国际政治的培训。
Bachelor’s in Law (LLB)法学学士 (LLB)
In the fall of this year, KIMEP will launch a new educational project. The four-year bachelor’s degree in law will prepare lawyers on the North American model of legal education, developing analytical skills that are applicable to modern Kazakhstan.  An acclaimed law faculty is now ready to share its knowledge and experience with high school graduates. About Kazakhstan and for Kazakhstan, the program will train a new generation of lawyers using international best practices in legal education.今年秋季KIMEP将推出一种新的教育项目四年制本科法学学士学位。该项目将根据北美体系和法律教育制度而培养律师, 发展适用于现代哈萨克斯坦的分析技能。法学院全体教员以做好准备为刚从高中校园走出的新生分享自己的知识和经验。此项目是有关哈萨克斯坦并服务于哈萨克斯坦,利用最好的国际法律教育体系培养新一代的律师。